At the beach

Last month I visited to Culebra Island.

It is located 17 miles off the east coast of Puerto Rico.

Paradise can’t be measure, but this piece of paradise does measure 7 miles long & 3.5 miles wide.

Each beach I visited was profoundly beautiful.



Pictures above were taken at Zoni Beach.

IMG_9648             A red cover- up and gladiator sandals allowed me to transition from a beach day to a casual late lunch, 

followed by an island exploration. 

Hat, sunglasses & sunscreen were a must to protect me from the sun.


          An embroidered tunic & heart shaped sunglasses were perfect for this summer style at Flamenco Beach.



               To me, there is nothing more relaxing that to spend a day at the beach.

Sun kiss and beach waves are made for this Island girl.

Enjoy the summer and be happy girl!

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